visual novel progress

The story for my visual novel is finished :)

Only a few things left before publishing :)

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Hi there! Looking forward to your VN!

I saw the screenshots on other posts, it looks good! The character art is very pretty.

I've downloaded your game. I hope I have some time to play it soon.

Hope your VN get its page soon!

Oh, Hi Grey :)

I was not expecting this, this is a good surprise :)

 I bought the characters from PotatoMaster , I like the style :)

The visual novel is almost done, I am not sure yet when I will publish it but soon enough :)

Thank you for checking out Yumi's Dream, it is not finished and I made some change since the last time i updated on itchio, I am waiting to have added enough new content (or maybe complete it...just maybe) before a new update, no point in updating for every little change, it always takes a long time to upload too.

I am not sure how long it would take you from beginning to the temporary end, last time I played through my game it took me 10h which is longer than anyone who would play since I always check that everything works fine, I am sorry already if my english grammar is bad, I am trying my best and I did not focus enough on that matter, going through all the text boxes in rpg maker is a pain but with time I will try to make the grammar better,  I wish it was as easy as in ren'py to go through the text (or probably any engine for visual novel?)

Hope you not get disappointed in it.

Hi Grey :) my visual novel is out if you still wants to give it a try :)