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The story is about Yumi,  a 18 years old girl who loves anime and manga,

 after a long day of classes,

 She wanders around the school before going back home.

At home her big sister welcome her and she wants to take a little nap 

before the dinner will be ready.

She quickly falls asleep and starts dreaming about her favorite anime.


Blue Light is the save point (even if you can save anytime ) it is just a reminder.

Sometimes you will see other Light with different colors:

Yellow  is for teleporting back to the entrance of a dungeon.

Red is for a stronger version of the boss you just fought.

Green  you will see when you use it.


This is my first game with rpg maker, I am a novice so I hope

it will be an ok game still.

English is not my language, I am doing my best with grammar so if there are

 mistakes you can tell me and I will fix it.

If the game looks too easy for you then you can always play without using stats boost skills and stats reducing skills.

the game is in development  so there are probably things that will change 

when the game will be complete.


Big thank you  Alexanda for my  title screen image  🙂 

Thanks to Sebastián Cámara for iconset

Thanks to  Poltergasm for the theme  "Spring Time "

Thanks to Youfulca for the awesome Battle themes!! (and other themes too)

Thanks to Charles-Michel for his theme "Heart " from pixabay.com

Thanks to Juliush for themes from pixabay.com

"Venturing" theme by Owl Theory Music


Assets I bought :

 Some monsters from Nowis-337

Animations from Nowis-337

one monster from JistuKoan

Vampire music from Ivan Duch

 Animations from ManuGamingCreations : 


Animations elemental pack 1

Animations elemental pack 2

Animations elemental pack 3

2021 wave 1

Ice Spike

Characters & generator parts from Degica shop :

Heroine characters pack 7

Heroine character generator for mz

MV covert art character pack

IconSets :

PixelOdyssey icons

Kazzter sci-fi icons

Kazzter pixel weapons

Kazzter rpg icons pack



StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Jun 08, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Turn-based
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hey there hello!

I've made this "review" while playing so it's quite a bit messy.

The only part that matters is the last one (pleaseee) and when I finish I am gonna make another, better well-put review anyways.

It's really nice that both you and Alexanda support each other like that, it's cool seeing the references in the different games.

ART GALLERY KATAWA, Katawa Shoujo reference OMG Hisao and Rin. My favorite was Lilly.

ANWYNN AS THE SISTER HAHAHA. I also like cooking, joined the cooking club :D

Anwynn room lmao. I tried one ebi-hime vn but didn't like it, I'll try another one someday. Gonna play Paws & Effect ASAP.

50 minutes in and I finally had my first fight, this is gonna be a long one... Oh, nice, a level up system :D

41 Years old and Anwynn is still faster than Yumi. Is there a way to speed up these fights? That would be nice.

I noticed now, the assassin at katawa gallery, Harold and Therese have the same sprites from the fastest and weakest rpg, fun seeing that

The pigs don't talk :( The scarecrows are scary, I am not a crow and they are scaring me!

I like how you made the mimic chest be red, it's a nice way to say it's different.

The characters: Let's go to the village Me: Saves and goes on

The fight with the dragon was just lengthy, not really fun. But that might have been due to the fact I didn't listen to the game... Next time, I'll be sure to go to the village

I discovered how to speed up fights, I feel so smart :D

Empty dialogue box in the sleeping child at the orphanage and also at the pink-haired girl in your room.

I am liking the story so far but I am stuck in the mana stone part. Pretty please, where do I get that?


Hi Ony :)

Yeah there a few characters with empty dialogue box( I forgot them hehe)

For the mimic chest I am glad you like how I made them noticeable :)

Yes, the battle with the dragon is lengthy on purpose to show dragons are powerful so I am sorry if it was annoying :)

I love the stories in Katawa Shoujo that is why I made that art gallery ( I love art too :) )

Yes, the speed of battles can be changed in the options :)

Stuck with the Mana Crystal? that comes in the story  or the Mana Seeds in the spiritual forest? it is optional with a npc in the spiritual village :)

I would have loved to add a sound for the pigs but there is no sound for them in rpg maker :( not sure where to look for that either :(

Thank you so much for your review  and glad you like the story so far, I have been away for a bit and will need to continue the game :)

Am back, played a lot of it today.

Hope you are doing well, I can see you are active as ever haha, it's good to have some recommendations on my itch feed. (You commenting on PUQFFAL was definitely something that motivated me to go and translate it, although I was probably going to anyways) 

Now, for the actual game. The mana stone I was talking about is the one you get in the, uh... Dungeon to the east of the mountain village.

Right now I stopped after killing selene and going to the village, I don't know what to do now... Also, when I went to the abandoned house and slept I 100% thought it would make Yumi wake up, and as I had went there after killing selene but before going to the village I was like "No please let me gOOOOOOO" xD

My main team is Anwynn, the blue spiritual (alicia?)girl, the girl from the wind tower and the doll we bring to life from the mana stone (named her Dolly). The actual essential ones being Anwynn so I can  stun shot and Alicia so I can heal. (Which, admittedly, makes most fights really boring and just pressing the enter button over and over. Oh well, the price to always win)

I had enough life removers to remove 80% of the boss' life in one turn, then I used them all in the same turn with the different characters and only removed 20% :( I WANT A REFUND

In the fight with only Yumi I always gave two attacks and healed, so I guess it's a good thing I stocked on mana breads (22 breads that heal my hp and mana to full, YEEHAW)

The story of the knight Marina is interesting, also, one of them asks about that Knight (the savior) reincarnating, which makes me think of in-game Anwynn, as in your profile you put Anwynn/Marina. 

Wow, that was a lot, but I think it's everything, please do tell me what I have to do now to continue the story.

Hi Ony :)

I am doing alright and hope you too, I think it is a nice gesture of you to translate Puqffal and  Myx bittersweet into your language and it sure a good thing for the visual novel itself, not everyone knows English or English well enough to play all the games on Itchio. I would translate my own visual novel into my language (or try to find other languages) if I knew how to set the language settings in Ren'py, I checked about it before and it is way too complicated for me.

I am glad my ratings on games helps you :)

For Yumi's Dream, after killing Selene and exiting the castle we are supposed to go back to the main town for a last event scene in the headquarter and the game stops when the player is ready to leave the island by boat.( the sea below the main town where there are rocks) for now as I did not make anything else after, Um the life reducer was an idea of Alexanda, it might make things too easy..if we keep them and all, no idea if I should just remove them from the game or not.

The battle between Yumi and Selene was harder at first then I thought to make it easier in case people would complain about it, in my own point of view I made the whole game too easy on battles, I do not know what everyone that played thinks? maybe I will just put back the difficulty I thought at the beginning, I am not really sure what to do. For now I will try to continue the story further and see difficulty after.

I have not been able yet to get back into continuing the story but I will try to get on it soon, I am feeling down with various stuff but I do not want to give up on it.

Once I will get back into continuing the game, I will make a (probably) small world map with a few other areas and all, I have not fully thought about everything yet.

I am glad you liked the short story of the knight Marina, that took me a while to write and check mistakes even though there might be some mistakes yet? That stays in my mind for  maybe a short rpg maker game later.

And thank you very much to have taken the time to play Yumi's Dream :)

(1 edit)

I am doing well too!

if I knew how to set the language settings in Ren'py

If you want help I can make a little step-by-step tutorial on how to set the translation and send it to you on discord

the game stops when the player is ready to leave the island by boat

Ah, then that means I finished the game :D

Maybe you could make difficulty a setting that you choose? Although if by making harder you mean giving them more health and making them hit harder, you can see how my stun shot strategy would still work easily, right? It would just take longer and be less fun, I think that to make it harder you should make parameters like enemy dodging attacks if you are just repeating the same ones, etc. Although, admittedly, I don't know how hard it would be to code that in RPGmaker

knight Marina, that took me a while to write and check mistakes even though there might be some mistakes yet?

If you'd like I can proofread it and tell you any errors find (I don't remember many though, so congrats)

And thank you very much to have taken the time to play Yumi's Dream :)

Nah, thank you for making it. Took me 8 hours and 54 minutes, I believe I spent one hour in the wind tower so 8 hours for the main story, that's a lot!!!


Battles takes times in Yumi's Dream( I have not tried if changing the speed of battle in options change it much) but there events and walking around that takes time too so yeah the hours go by fast, the last time I played I was over 10 hours but I always check every npc, test every type of monsters, the wind tower takes me about 1h too.

I have no idea how to put a difficult setting in rpg maker, monsters have enough health already as it is, I am not sure yet how I would make things harder, maybe putting again heal skill to monsters that are not bosses or like you say giving some dodge to monsters which is easy to do if I remember right but making them have a "brain" to be more difficult is something I cannot do, I looked into that before and I do not understand how it works (and it would add to the money  I spent already)

Proofreading could be nice to fix the mistakes I did( and will do) but rpg maker does not work like Ren'py where I can just save or copy paste all the text, I would need to open every characters text box and write down everything and then doing the same again later for what needs to be changed. Or you mean just for the magic knight Marina story?

So yes you finished the game for now :)

I have not been on Discord for two days but I will check it later today, that would be kind of you to show me how to do, though I am not sure I would understand


Hey again Anwynn, it has been a while and I hope this helps you out! Alicia was an interesting turn in the game!


Hey again Anwynn, you have made it to this cool list I am doing for itch.io, I hope this helps with your game having more attention, you deserved it.


hi Zakaria :) thank you so much :)


Hi Anwynn, here is a gameplay overview for your game! I tried to stay as long as I could in the game xD The occuring battles annoyed me to be honest, that is why I stopped. Overall, this is so different and full with details, well done honestly. Keep up the good work.

(4 edits) (+1)

hi Zakaria :) thank you so much for the video , it was really fun to watch ,it looked like you had fun too despite rpg not being the kind of games you usually play . that showed me a few things i need to fix too like the wall in the school. for battles inside somewhere or outside on the world map it's either random battle like on the world map or monsters you can see like in the abandonned temple which i wanted to have to be able to avoid them if you want except boss monsters obviously, i'm not sure if it's possible to remove all of them once the boss is dead,i should try and see,  i need to fix the boy outside of the classroom too , i been thinking about the art gallery too to change the whole thing or move the people to be not in the way to walk freely.

i'm happy that you like it , thank you so much for the kind words :)

and for the walking speed it's possible to change it into the options too 

i'm sorry if the pigs in the farm were disturbing for you, i hope that's ok

i noticed that i had forgotten to add cows in that farm but i will put them, there is another farm further in the game where i did put cows and sheep and goat :)

Hi Anywynn, surely the game is lovely to play and had unexpected fun trying Yumi's Dream. I loved the music used in the music room, it is so good and would love to listen to it for a very long time. The details you have put in the game are really well polished.

For the battles you cound ask Alexanda how to add the avoid system she has on her game! I am sure you already seen her game and played it yourself, she has a good system to avoid battles by pressing and holding a button. Not sure how it all works, this is out of my range xD

And I am really happy you have made a character after inside the game, I just saw your Discord messages. Thank you so much.


no idea how Alexanda made that avoid system for battles but yes it's a good thing.

 the music i used for the music room can be found in the game files , the name is : soft piano dramatic classical modern, i can't find it anymore on pixabay but i believe it was from that man called Juliush.

the music  room took me a while to make i had to search for guitar sprites and things and when i heard that music on pixabay i had to add it on the music room it was the perfect music :)


Thank you so much, it was a great experience. Found the music I was looking for ♥ 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi Anwynn :D

I tried out the game (I've only played a few RPG Maker games) and I think it's really cute so far (especially the dialogue)!! There's so much to do and I can tell a lot of work went into this game :D Sorry I can't give much feedback yet. Keep it up!


Hi Mint :) thank you for trying out my game i hope you'll be able to go through without problems :) it's not finished but there lot already . so far it's stop once your reach the main town of the island(the town is like 90% finished in my last update)

i'm glad you found it cute :) i tried my best for that and the dialogue too :) english is not my language so there is probably a few mistakes you can come across ,i tried my best on that matter too

take the time to finish what i have done so far for feed backs :)


The snapshots on your page look great :) I love the little farm. :D You've come a long way in a few months. Awesome stuff!

hello Alexanda :) thanks a lot :) that little farm was fun to create :)

did you visit it in game? the screenshot does not show everything , i'm thinking about making another later maybe :)

at the moment i'm still doing the snow forest..it takes longer than i though and i changed some things too ..i might finish that place in a few days and after to the next place :)

and how is your game doing ?

I downloaded your latest update, and made it past the red dragon. It was great on the snow map. :). I'm working on some stuff. I'll add some news on it very soon! I should hopefully have a new job too. I'm just awaiting news on the employment . Things might just be alright. :x

thanks i tried my best on the snow mountains :) the little farm is in the first village to the right :) i know the red dragon is hard but it's the hardest so far to be honest, things are better later with other boss

i hope you will get that job :))

Good job on balancing the battles more. I'm still finding the red dragon to be a problem and wiping my team out. The Fire 2 skill is really over powered. I would say test that battle a few times for it's difficulty. Good job so far.

i tried to reduce all monsters a bit and i removed healing skills from them as you can see except for the bats with their hp drain skill .

Yes the dragon is a powerful foe i intended it that way  but there is different ways to deal easier with it : obviously Alicia is the best character to deal with the dragon with her various skills  but there is 2nd way  to help in the battle  which i'm not sure you seen or not ? : on the map before the dragon there is a chest hidden with 2 accessory to reduce fire damage..it should not be too hard to see ..i think , i tested that battle a lot with changes along the way ,at first i had forgotten that Priscilla and Alicia were weak to fire so the battle was insanely hard so i put that chest with the accessory and made Alicia come with one . other bosses after the dragon should not be that hard since you should have a few more lvls by the time you get to them and their stats are lower than the dragon

what lvl were you when fighting the dragon ? 

except the hydra in the igloo dungeon that has the same stats than the dragon 

monsters that come after my last update should be easier too to deal with , don't forget to try out different element attacks/magic attacks to see their weakness,

i wish there would be  skill to scan enemies but there is not unfortunately..no idea if it's possible to make either ,at least it does not seems possible with the basic stuff in the maker.

since a lot of battles comes in ice place until now i should have put a character with 

fire magic but i promise it will be there in the next update to deal easier with ice monsters , until then you can use Priscilla skill to add elements to attacks or if you found the 2 fire swords that should help too. 

of course i will not do only ice maps with ice monsters..it will change too

if you look at the island map there are other place that are not available yet and it's not in the ice part of the island. 


You're doing well, so keep it up. I've noticed on the RPG Maker website, they also have tutorials. Some of it quite advanced, but there are some you might use. Have a good one. :)

oh that's right there some things on that website..i just didn't check..i do not usually do well following written tutorials

thanks Alexanda :) 

i'm doing a snow forest with new monsters ..and a mage with Fire Magic join the team :)

Snow forest sounds awesome :)

thanks :) i hope to make a good forest :)

Great feature having those lights. It's a great reminder to save, which tends to happen. Keep using that system, it's great, and original. Also really a good job on the music selection. Your maps are easy to explore, and look good too. Well done. 

(1 edit)

thanks so much  Alexanda :)  yes i like the lights for different use and saving is the most important of course , did you try the other lights? i spent times on them to add more in the game :) .  in the ice dungeon i put a yellow one to teleport back to the entrance, for now you won't be able to use it but later you could on my next update :)   music selection i tried what i thought was best for the time and places :)  for the maps i did what i can and with what i have  , it's a good thing i took tilesets  from mv  to work with mz tilesets too for maps . i could say the same about npc's and characters and monsters, being able to use both mv & mz together is nice :)

I can't wait for more story. Keep it up. :)

(2 edits)

working on it , for now i added 2 village(still working on the 2nd) some monsters on the world map ,a new place filled with monsters(and inn's) . various items/weapons and armors,  other things too ,i found out how to make enemies with characters too which is nice but i still need to see how i will use that since i cannot make monsters out of the character generator ,  i added a boat on the world map for later..i'm not yet to the part to use it. i'm wondering to work longer on it to add more places before updating on itch.io or updating what i did so far.

thanks Alexanda :)

Making lots of new items is a great way to enhance the gameplay, especially with building stats or adding some special abilities. That alone will make your game more unique. I'm not sure of a good method for making monsters, I wish I could help there, but my designs are very basic. Also, don't worry too much about making some. As you noticed, I used the same monsters way too often with some variations. With Rpg maker I change the hue color and give a different name variation and a different skilk. It's an easy way of having a class of monsters. Give your battles a balanced challenge and that will really make up for it. Keep it up, you'll make a great game :) 

(1 edit)

yes changing the hue for different monsters i did  a little for the monsters i done so far ,  i did lot of items and skills but maybe i'll get new ideas about it as times go on :)  completed skills that were already there too because i find it was lacking  some things,  i probably will have to work more on equipments too  but it's fine for now , aside from regular monsters i added 2 boss fight so far  (and one  optional battle that  can be seen like a boss fight ) . i guess for the battles themselves someone will have to try out when i'll update my game ..for me it looks ok but no idea how someone else would see it

Hey. I hope this helps. Here is the graphic without the middle picture. That way you can put something in the middle that reflects your game better :) You can use it with any editing program.

Hello Alexanda :) thank you very much :) no idea how to edit anything thought. 

 i  think i will do a update sooner than i thought to have some feedback to see if it's ok what i am doing

next update would have :  - 2 village to visit ,2 places filled with monsters

                                                         - playable characters joining the party

                                                         - new items /weapons/armors

(2 edits) (+1)

Awesome. You're doing great with your game. 

I like your story, and I think lots of people will really like it too. Keep it up!

hello Alexanda :) thank you very much for the comment  , i'm glad you like it :)

 i am still a novice at rpg maker but i am happy with what i did even if i don't fully understand how to use the maker :)

did you encounter any bug?

(1 edit) (+1)

You have the basics down, and did a great job in a short time. The rest will come naturally as you want to try to adapt the game to how you will like it to be. Keep doing what you're doing and you will surely go far. I never found any problems while playing, but I did go up against a tree boss really suddenly after battling a few and it was impossible to defeat, or escape. 

(2 edits)

thank you very much i hope i'll be able to keep it like this :)

the tree boss is supposed to be at the end  of the dungeon or did i made a mistake to put another wandering around with the regular ones?

what level were you when you encountered it? and yes i did not think about allowing to escape for the boss

i was sure i made the difficulty not too easy or not too hard , i am sorry if that is the case

i made the boss based on the monsters we fight on the way to it, at level 5 it should be ok but i did many test and sometime it was harder ,maybe i should remove the quake magic


The boss is really unexpected, I would say make a warning pop up to save. You could set a choice event. (There is a boss near by, would you like to save before continuing? ) That would help prepare for the event ahead. And, I also didn't save first time around, so I had to play from the start again.  

I did equip Yumi with her weapon this time around which I didn't realise before, but the boss has got quite allot of HP. I heal about every two turns. Maybe bring that down the boss HP to around 2000 and lower the power of quake. Should be great after that.

yes i should have put a warning before which i did yesterday in a small update :) 

i am used to play lot of Rpg's for a long time and hard ones too i  guess i did not consider how someone else would

feel  about the difficulty , i will try to improve for the next update and lower the first boss stats or something.

and yes for the weapon to equip on Yumi i was faced with a problem, i did not knew how to solve in changing her class from "modern girl" to "magic knight " since obviously  in our world we don't carry swords and other weapons around with us so i just added the swords & shield to the inventory when they appear in the abandoned  temple entrance , i couldn't find a way to have it equipped already.