Yumi's Dream improved

Hello Everyone

After months of trying to improve Yumi's Dream and adding some more to the story, I am happy to make a new update. 

What is different or new :

-The story goes further than  before.

-A new title screen made by Alexanda :)

-All default icons for items or skills or options are replaced, some of them might have been seen in another game while some other are probably not.

-I made various change for characters skills or monsters skills, removed those that were useless.

-I tried my best to fix all typing or grammar mistakes but there might be some more I did not notice yet and some dialogues in event are slightly different, the same for a few npc's.

- A kind of tutorial room is available before entering the first dungeon.

Hopefully I fixed all bugs small or big.

I noticed that sometimes RPG maker "forget"  things that I made like suddenly a skill disappear from a character or an enemy, a few event got their switches modify and such, I think I fixed such problem but there might be some I did not notice yet, Hopefully all will be fine.


Project Yumi's Dream win.zip 588 MB
Oct 13, 2022
Project Yumi's Dream mac.zip 632 MB
Oct 13, 2022

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You've came a long way. Keep it up. :)

Thank you so much :)

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Can't wait to play it! Will for sure try it out when I got time.

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Hi Shadow :) 

Thank you for the good words :)