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Hello Everyone

When I started Yumi's Dream I had made the battle part difficult and so after Alexanda told me it was too difficult I made battles  way  easier than I would have thought at first, At the same time I thought making battles easy gives a player less stress about the outcome of battles, I am playing through my game again and noticed I forgot to adjust some monsters stats based on the playable character stats, I want to keep my game easy to play but getting too easy might be annoying too, I wish I could understand how to set a game difficult level but I have no idea so I had to think of another way to make the game easy or slightly harder.

One easy way was to add temporary stats boost skills( or stats reducing skills) in battle, so it gives you the choice to make it easy or slightly harder, I personally play without these skills most of the time unless I want to see the differences in damage given and taken so the default difficulty is based on characters stats without thinking about those skills.

I do not know what someone else thinks about the length of a battle or boss battle? for common battle, I think monsters do not have too much health points? , for boss battle, I usually have put lot of health points.. I do not know how someone else feels about it, for me it is just how I always knew boss battles in rpg games since the first one I ever played. ( Shining Force on Genesis )

At some point, I thought to remove stats boost skills but I do not think it is the best choice.

Here one screenshot of the visual novel I am trying to make, just like for Yumi's Dream I am just a novice but It is interesting to try Ren'py too

Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ˜„

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Indeed, balancing difficulty is something very hard to do in game dev, I think that stats solution is good. Personally I prefer it than a set difficulty level because some bosses are easier than others (at least for me), so it adds that extra level of control.

About length, I do agree with you in the fact that bosses should have a longer health bar but sometimes it gets repetitive. I guess that is why some bosses have a second form (or at least a different set of skills after you hit them enough). But I have no idea on how you could even implement it in an rpg or if it would fit the story so this isn't good advice.

Ohh a vn, nice. Good to see you're getting the hang of it.

Good saturday too! Saturday? Oh wait, this was posted three days ago...


Hi Oni :)

I think too that this choice given to a player is a good way  for a player to choose how they want to battle :)

Yes battles can be repetitive, boss battles too though for all of them I did a change of skills under a % of their health and for a few they have a second form, not all of them sadly.

Yes I am working on a VN too, just like Yumi's Dream I am no expert but trying my best, I do not know yet when it will be complete but obviously before Yumi's Dream will be complete.

ahaha yes it was Saturday when I posted ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you so much for taking the time to give a feedback ๐Ÿ˜„