A downloadable puzzle game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ren'py version:

 4 Puzzle of title screen from my visual novel and rpg maker game.

4 hand drawn puzzle fan art of visual novels in itchio.

3 puzzle of title screen from Alexanda games.

The title screen music "Childhood Memories" is from Sirental

 Music "Dramatic theme, Mystic, Mysterious title" are from Sirental

Music" Sleepy Time" and "Spring Time" are from Poltergasm

Music "Early Summer" is from Nid

 Music "Nostalgia" is from Luna Chai Li

Music "Venturing" is from Owl Theory Music

Music "Acceptance" is from Tungerman

 Character sprite is from Erda Enos

"Green Nebula" background is from Screaming Brain Studios

Puzzle Script by Susan

Free cover image from Lovepik.com

Astra Gift Maker version:

The title screen picture from my VN is a background from Rachel Chen.

 One gift picture from Nora based on my VN ❤️❤️

Both title screen from my rpg maker game were made by Alexanda.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jul 30, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Hand-drawn, Relaxing, Ren'Py, Singleplayer


Puzzleadventure-win.zip 68 MB
Puzzleadventure-mac.zip 51 MB
Puzzleadventure-linux.tar.bz2 58 MB
Title screen puzzle.zip 1 MB

Development log


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Cute and relaxing puzzles :3 I played the first version, but nice getting it into Ren'Py!!! I want to make something similar someday XD

Do you have any other plans for this, or is it for fun?

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Hi Mint :)

I really wanted to make a puzzle game , when I found Astra  maker I had to do something, then I though "what if I could do this with Ren'py?" I searched  and found the puzzle script on lemmasoft forum, It was not exactly easy to figure things out but I managed to do more or less what I wanted.

I love puzzle games but I do not often see such games.

I wanted to add more title screen pictures from other visual novels/rpg games but I have the feeling it would not please people too much so I kept myself from doing that, except  the ones with title screen from Alexanda's games because I knew she would allow me to.

I added puzzles from some fan art I did, maybe I will add more of my random drawings.

playing a puzzle with a background related music is what I was aiming for with the puzzle pictures from my visual novel & rpg maker game, obviously I could not do that with the games from Alexanda but I put a background music anyway;

I would love to do this with other games I played but I am not sure that is possible or if the people that made them would be happy about it.

So yes I have plan to add more puzzles into it, I just do now know yet what I will do.

I think upgrading it into Ren'py is proof that I really wanted to do this?

I wish I understood those script things way more to make a better use of it but I am already happy with what I made.

And thank you so much to have tried the Astra  maker version, hopefully you will enjoy the Ren'py version :)

Thank you Mint :)

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Ooh that's cool :D Nice work, I do not see jigsaw puzzles that often in games either, it would be a fun minigame inside a bigger game maybe!! ^^ Adding more drawings and pictures sounds nice, and yes, it's proof that you really wanted to do it!

If you want to add more puzzles, you could ask the creators for permission maybe? And you're welcome Anwynn :D

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Oh, adding a puzzle in another visual novel is a good idea :)

If I ever make another visual novel I will have to keep this in mind :)

I asked one person if I could make a puzzle from their game title screen but they did not really wanted that, I do not feel like asking again that to any other creator I would want to use their game  title screen  for that. ( a screenshot)

I do not want to do that without permission either.